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Riding Lessons

We offer riding lessons using natural horsemanship in the tradition of Peter Campbell, Buck Brannaman and John Lyons.  Riders of all ages learn the instincts and behavior of horses to become their leader. Horseback riding requires a proper seat, so riders learn balance, posture and communicating with the horse, leading to a safe and fun experience (we even do yoga on horseback). 

I can’t put to words how much Hazel loves the lessons with you. She’s a quiet one but she gets in the car and talks a mile a minute about her experience. She really is enjoying her time with you.  - Gretchen, Hazel's mom

Driving Lessons

Ever wanted to hitch up and head down the road?  Take your sweetie for a romantic journey through the countryside?  At Gentle Reins Farm we’ll teach you how!  Learn the skills of driving horses, single horse or double hitch, pulling a cart or wagon, driver’s ed has never been so much fun!  

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