Michael Fouts grew up with riding horses, driving horses and getting kicked, bitten & run over by ‘em.  Watching too many western movies had him and his brothers trying every stunt they saw the cowboys do (with only a few minor injuries). 


Starting at age 12, he apprenticed with Lewis Craig working with standardbred race horses, and his love of driving was born.  Later he trained with renowned clinician Peter Campbell, learning the skills of Natural Horsemanship to get a “willing partner,” and with champion horse teamster Ransom “Soc” Squires learning to drive teams of horses to pull carts, wagons and implements.  Both of his grandfathers drove horse teams.  


Combined with being a movement artist, teacher and therapist, Michael brings a unique approach - not just riding horses, but striving for nuanced movement skills to communicate clearly; to get a calm, attentive horse willing to do anything and go anywhere, down the road or through the woods, in the street or across the stream.      

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